Recent workshops – HL7 & ACHI

HBIRU recently hosted two very successful health informatics national events in partnership with two prominent organisations. Please subscribe to our mailing list ( to be kept up to date on future events!

The HL7 workshop on 24 November was opened by Laureate Professor Rod Tucker, Director of the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society.

The workshop was booked out by 50 participants from eHealth vendors and jurisdictions (including NEHTA and State governments’ health IT offices) as well as other agencies and consultants from around Australia, interested in its focus on the Implementation of Terminologies and Patient/Provider Identification. Speakers’ presentations are available at


 The Australasian College of Health Informatics’ eHealth Research Forum on 25 November featured four brackets of short presentations by a great range of speakers, on the national electronic health record, health informatics research, health informatics education and advances in ehealth technology. In his opening remarks, Professor James Best, Head of the Melbourne Medical School, noted the importance of this inaugural event addressing the need to build a more robust research culture in health informatics and to improve the impact of research on practice. See the agenda and details of other meetings on ACHI’s website:


About HaBIC

The Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre (HaBIc) at the University of Melbourne. Our goal is to build collaborations that advance human health through the shared development and application of expert knowledge about information and communication technologies for healthcare and biomedical research. The unit has an interdisciplinary focus and works closely with researchers from across The University of Melbourne, particularly Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society, Computing and Information Systems, the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, The Melbourne School of Medicine and the Melbourne School of Engineering.
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